Saturday, October 9, 2010

Friday night, trolling the town

I’m such a solo artist, it’s rare to share my strolls or Velib rides with friends. So Friday evening, when it was so glorious outside, I was happy to share a walk across the Pont des Arts with the lovely and amazing Jo.

After we crossed to the Left Bank—foreign territory to Jo!—the night’s all-star lineup included an apero at Café La Palette, a cocktail at Prescription, then back to the Right Bank: dinner at Rino with Sarah, a drink at Bottle Shop and then trolling the 11eme in the hopes of finding a good spot for a final nightcap. That didn’t happen. So we settled for the terrace of Pause Café. Then I velib’d home, late. Solo. Story of my life.


  1. Solo is rarely the story of ones life but usually just a chapter or two.

  2. Exactly... Good things are worth waiting for :-)
    Amazing post Amy, yet again.

  3. wow...nice line up of drinking and eating! How was Rino? i haven't tried it yet....

  4. The sunsets have been *so* pretty the past few nights! I am glad you captured them here. :) Makes even me, the jaded, ranty Paris cynic feel a wee bit mushy inside. ;-) Sounds like a very good evening with fine company. It's true for me that everything is better when shared. Well, with people I like, anyway! Haha! :D

    Be well, Amy.

  5. Candice, I agree with Nina: beautifully said! Thank you. And thanks for your kind words, Nina. And you, too, Karin - my fellow rollercoasting friend! :)

    Forest, it *was* a pretty great line up. Enjoyed a lovely new drinks at Prescription and Rino was really great. Just one set menu, so vegetarians beware, but good food and great atmosphere.

  6. Thats an incredible view! Sounds like you had an amazing weekend! Thanks for yet another cheerful post.:)

    x, Molly