Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Avenue Hoche

We got shipped out to the 16th arrondisement today.

Last week, it was suddenly announced that Vuitton had rented us space on Avenue Hoche and we were moving into it. Pack it up, amigos! Apparently, as the project moves into full production, we’re outgrowing our space (but hopefully not our welcome). Alors, now I have to cross town to get to work. No more cushy 10-minute commute by foot. I either have to cram myself into the Metro with all the other shmoes or criss-cross some major throughways on a Velib. Of course I’ll opt for the latter. Except on mornings like today, when I’m under the weather. Or mornings like tomorrow when I have a French lesson at 8:30. Or mornings in November when it’s too cold to bike. Or mornings in December when it’s too dark to bike. Merde. I’m condemned to the Metro.

Hopefully there will be some tasty lunch places in the new neighborhood to make it all worth it.


  1. hoche... if that's near Monceau like I think it is then I'm pretty sure there's a foody street there, kind of like a mini-montorgueil!

  2. Oh, too bad. They should have told you that before you renewed the lease on your apartment! You'll find new hangouts though, I'm sure. Paris is a many-splendored thing.

  3. Bleh! Jam-packed metro in the morning! Quelle horreur!

  4. Oui, the metro is the worst potential aspect. But I just realized, we're actually super close to the Champs-Elysees office - I Velib'd it all the time last year so I just have to toughen up. :)


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