Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Golden eggs and Larry Gagosian

Gagosian opened in Paris today. They’re having a major opening night soirée right now. But, I don’t know, my invitation got lost in the mail or something.

Still, I got to peek at the space this morning.

Even better, I bumped into Mel, who was there with her artnet crew. A beautiful way to start the day.

(Beaucoup more beautiful than the Cy Twombly paintings, wouldn't you say?)

There’s been lots of fanfare around Mr. Larry coming to the City of Light. Local architect Jean-Francois Bodin renovated the former hotel particulier next door to Christie’s. Now it’s a crisp white contemporary gallery.

As soon as I make my first million, I think I’ll go back for one of these amazingly beautiful but disturbing paintings.

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