Monday, October 18, 2010

My Vegan Mondays

Truthfully, I haven’t been doing so well with Vegan Mondays. The challenge and extra effort of finding meals without dairy has gotten tough. And the past two weeks, I’ve dined with colleagues. Not seeing anything vegan on the menu, and not wanting to make a big spectacle, I’ve gone vegetarian for the meal (sorta).

But happily, this week, I went to the Sunday marché. I shopped and cooked properly. Today, was a return to Vegan Monday.

Wheat toast with peanut butter (the very last of my jar)

Lentil and sweet potato salad
Handful of peanuts
And a few Haribo gummies. I know these have gelatin and, therefore, disgusting as it is, they have animal by-products.

Roasted butternut squash and Brussels sprouts over mache
Dried apple


  1. Gelatin has animal by-products?! I had no idea!

  2. Good for you for doing what you can to stick with it! I've had vegan friends live in Paris and completely renounce their eating habits because they were constantly searching for food (and starving). Though, naturalia and biocoop have tofu, if you like that sort of thing.
    If you need to replenish your peanut butter, I'm sure you know you can get some (though $$) at Rose Bakery OR at certain supermarkets you can find the Dutch brand Calvé which is natural, no sugars added. I know for a fact the Carrefour at Pigalle has it! (I believe it's Carrefour, if not it's a Monoprix!)

  3. I have seen Peanut butter (Skippy I think) in a lot of supermarkets around Cadet - I even spotted speculoos in one of them!


  4. Yes, I believe gelatin comes from boiled bones and hooves .. right Amy?

    Today I am still getting over whatever made me so ill, so along with not wanting to cough, I also don't want to feel full.
    Breakfast - scone.
    Lunch - coffee
    Dinner - Stir fried ramen noodles, scallions and celery, garlic and ginger with soy sauce and a dash of Hoisin.
    It just appealed to me..
    I need a cook. ( just until I totally recover)
    They have finally stopped selling Skippy or Peter Pan here in BA :(

  5. We have Carrefour here, I should go check and see if they still carry Peanut butter.. although, what you have there and what we have here or planets apart ~

  6. Carrefour is opposite la Cigale (between Anvers and Pigalle). There is a Monop at Pigalle by Folies Pigalle

  7. Yowzer, thanks for the pb leads, ladies! They actually carry it at the bio markets - La Vie Clair and my local co-op. I also have a friend flying in this week and I might hit her up for some Skippy. More likely though, I'll keep nipping away at my jars of Speculoos and Nutella and Eric Kayser jam. Miam.

    Yep, gelatin is made from horse hoofs (and bones??, really? blech). And gelatin is in almost every variety of gummy. Gross but true.

    Candice, this has been a long, rotten illness - I hope you're back to 100% soon!! xo

  8. yell if you have withdrawal symptoms. Have a US friend arriving between Xmas and NY who is known to carry Skippy (and peanut butter M&M's) and we have Sun-Pat in the UK.