Monday, October 4, 2010

My Vegan Mondays (oops)

Well, I blew it, mes amis. I started the day like any other Monday: mindfully avoiding dairy. Then I went for lunch with colleagues and forgot all about Vegan Monday. It wasn’t even Veggie Monday; I had smoked salmon. Where are my principles??

But, if you’ll forgive me, I rebounded and made good on Vegan Monday the rest of the day. I cooked my own dinner, even.


Coffee and soy milk
Half a grapefruit
Soy yogurt (blech, not a fan)

Roquette salad with fresh tomatoes
Smoked salmon
Baguette and goat cheese
Handful of peanuts

Wheat salad with spinach, pumpkin and pistachios


  1. Baguettes and Goat cheese is one of my favorite snacks. I'm a little crazy about goat cheese. Next time try fresh prosciutto, fantastic!

    x, Molly

  2. It all sounds delicious :)
    Vegan or not ..

    I have been pigging out on fresh almond croissants every day from that little new French bakery we have here.. if not almond, chocolate.. if not that we found a place that makes incredible Flan .. with burnt sugar..
    Very soon you will hear me making little oinking sounds.

  3. Molly, I agree: goat cheese goes with just about everything... but, proscuitto... I haven't had red meat in ten years so I'll have to skip that!

    And maybe join you, Candice, for an almond croissant. Or two. Or three... (oink!)