Friday, October 8, 2010

The nutty shoemaker

Once again, M. Louboutin is exhibiting his penchant for fun and kitsch. After fantasizing about a tapdancing career, he’s now a mad scientist with glowing green eyes and a kickass collection of bags and shoes for fall. I’d like to get me some.

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  1. This post did not have any comments, yet, so I thought I'd leave one. I had a LOT of fun looking at the Louboutin website! How fun that he's become a magician in it! There is a lot to play with there. Cool. :)

    Here's the thing: I am by no means a couture kind of gal, and I think it is actually kind of criminal that a pair of shoes of his cost the amount of money that could feed a hungry child in a developing nation for a year. BUT, I have a secret, dirty fantasy of actually trying on a pair of these babies. I would not even want to own a pair, just to try to walk around in some in the shop would be enough for me. Just once. They are the sexiest shoes ever, and I have a secret passion for them.

    On the outside, I may wear Crocs (okay, but not actually outside in Paris, hahahaha! They make great houseshoes, though), but inside of me lurks a Louboutin girl. Just don't tell any of the starving children, eh?