Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The view from the 11th floor

While it's no Champs-Elysées and there are no Eiffel Towers or Arcs of Triomphe, the view at my new Ogilvy office isn't too shabby.

Looking west into Times Square:

Looking north at sunset:

And, more often than not this past month, the view of snow, snow, snow falling from the sky:

It should be interesting to see what this new home has in store for the year ahead.


  1. Not too shabby indeed!:)

    You know, I have a feeling that one day, you'll be dividing your time between NYC and Paris... wouldn't that be the best?:)

  2. it is quite a La Defense view, looks like a business area.

  3. What a view! You certainly do end up with nice office locations at least, Amy! :)

  4. Oh how wonderful to have 11th floor views ! To have a window ! lol
    My son likes his view, his is looking out over Madison Ave.
    I am thinking of views myself these days, changing them etc.
    I hope you are feeling better. besos

  5. Somehow, the view of snow from the 11th floor seems more manageable than the view of it all from the 1st floor, where I sit at work. The snow just keeps creeping up and up and up over the window. Depressing.

    Enjoy your view onto a world of endless possibilities!