Monday, February 14, 2011

This past year, I fell in love with…

• Café Constant and Chez l’Ami Jean
• Joel Robuchon
• Art by Joanna Concejo
• Brooklyn Heights
• The Drums, Wild Nothing, Neko Case
• Blogging
• Speculoos. To go with my already raging affair with Nutella.
• Dried apple. To go with my already lifelong affair with dried pineapple.
• Arles and Positano, just a little more than Capri
• Bill Cunningham and Steve Martin (no wonder I’m still single)
• My niece and nephew, just a little bit more
• My godson, Max
• Debailleul
• Daunt Bookstore
• I Am Love
• The Cornet Vegetarien
• A gazillion little moments

Whatever and whoever you have fallen for, I hope your heart is full of love today.


  1. Ditto on the speculoos. Spread, not cookies.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    La Mom
    An American Mom in Paris

  2. Thank you for posting this list, Amy. It flipped a switch for me and made me remember the incredible year I've had, and all the gifts that were in it, small and large - rather than wallowing in my mid-February-in-Minnesota depression.

    Thanks to you, I'm re-falling in love with the memories of my Minnesota State Arts Board grant trip to Ireland to study harp, my trip to the south of France to study writing, my few days in Paris re-tracing the steps of my story, the successful harp concerts I've given, the yogurt cake and bread I learned to bake, the antics of my cats, the late-evening summer jogs through my neighborhood.

    Happy V Day.

  3. Happy Valentine's day to you, Amy ! xo, Britta

  4. The bigger question is did you also fall in love with speculoos SPREAD or just the cookie? Because I can tell you right now, the spread will melt your heart.

    joyeuse st. valentin!

  5. If my heart wasn't full of love today, it is now after reading this. Happy Valentine's Day to you, Amy. (Now, feel free to share more about NY. Never been there and am so curious about day to day life there.)

  6. i like your "gazillion little moments" and, well, speculoos (?) now i definitely need to try it! (ps i read your comment on miss moss and couldn't stop laughing - you are the BEST!)

  7. Wonderful list !!
    I have not had a Speculoo yet but I do have 2 jars of Nutella in the pantry :)
    I fall in love every day with this amazing place we live in, the people here and my husband.

  8. Great list, so inspiring! I still need to see I Am Love -- it looks amazing :)

  9. Brooklyn heights is my old neighborhood! If we move back to the US it's a one stop deal for sure!! Sending you loads of love friend!

  10. I agree especially on Speculos, Brooklyn Heights and I am Love! Looking forward to seeing you soon in Paris Amy! xo Erica