Thursday, February 17, 2011

Date Tone Create

If you were going to choose three active words to live by in the next six months (à la Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love) what would they be?

I feel like I was so lucky in Paris: I did all the eating and traveling a girl could dream of. And while I sort of pine for those days, I’m also happy to be in a new place, focused on new adventures. For now, my three-step mantra is: Date Tone Create.

Date That’s right. Dating is at the top of my list. The Great Parisian Drought was brutal. Not dating for the better part of two years?? I don’t remember what butterflies and heart palpitations feel like. I miss feeling like I’m about to throw up because I’m so excited to see someone. It’s time to hop to it.

Tone Since I wasn’t dating, I gave into my love affair with Parisian pastries. It was fun while it lasted, but now it’s like having a sucky hangover. I am just getting back to the gym to work my body after not exercising for six months. It’s not pretty. (Consequently, I am eating a milk chocolate almond bar as I type this. Genius.)

Create Beyond the book (which is due June 1—gulp), I want to create and cultivate new projects. I’m working on a couple fun articles about Paris right now, but beyond that I’m not exactly sure what I want to do except feel productive and proud.

So… what is your three-verb mantra?


  1. Dream Believe Manifest:)

    Will your book be available in electronic format? I just bought a kindle. Love it!:) The perfect thing for a traveller:)

  2. Funny, I have my three-word "Eat Pray Love"-style mantra written all over my journal.

    I don't want to type it here because I don't want people to know how truly depraved I am and because, honestly, it contains swear word. But it has to do in general with writing my book with abandon, not doing anything close to prayer and indulging in my...senses.

    I know, it's over the top. I'm acting out against years of being a good little girl. In fact, I may add a juicy word or two to the mantra, just from the sheer joy of rebellion.

    TELL about your book soon, okay?

  3. Write, Travel, Laugh

    I have to stop dithering and get down to business.
    I need to write, I need to get out of town and I have to laugh more. There are no reasons not to.

    besitos !!

  4. Believe, Act, Play

    Believe with all your heart and make choices consistent with your beliefs - then you can have a clean conscience.

    Act, don't sit back and wait; be bold or life will pass you by - then you won't waste your life on 'what if' and 'if only.'

    Play, because life is a gift, and a fun one at that - then you will not take yourself too seriously, and can roll with the ups and downs that inevitably are a part of each life.

  5. Love, read, laugh

    Love, always more and more my MariChéri and my new baby son !

    Read, books, letters, blogs...

    Laugh with family, friends and even alone in the street ! :-)

  6. I think I use Paris and the pastries explicitly as a way to excuse myself from dating. The whole catalyst for moving there last year was to get away after my ex-gf and I broke up. I love feeling like I don't have to date, as long as I'm there or in between cities. But, anyway, my three words are Photograph, Eat, Experience. Soon to book my first in-France mini-vacation of 2011 - to Strasbourg.

  7. Off to of my head: Do. Breath. Feel.

    I want to do do do so much. But I need to take the time to breath (rest) and feel every wonderful moment. Sometimes I just keep doing and forget to stand back.

    Can't wait to read the book, Amy!

  8. Explore Write Photograph

    But I like your 3 better =) I'm so proud of you and your book, I can't wait to read it, tell everyone about it and buy a bunch of copies to give as gifts to keep spreading the love.

    Your body will bounce back and then when you come to Paris it will nestle right back into its pastry shape (as it should). For extra points, try to date a Frenchie in NY! They're probably more bearable on U.S. soil =)

    Disclaimer: I can make comments like the one above because I married a Frenchie.

  9. Wow, I love your mantras! Very thoughtful and inspiring... thanks for sharing, mes amis! xo

  10. Write, caffeinate, exercise. Is caffeinate a verb? I don't think so, but I'm finding that a big shot of caffeine helps me get through my day. I would also love to add travel and erase grade papers from my verbs. We'll see if that happens.

  11. Amy, I meant to comment on this last week - I love, love, love the 3-step mantra! I need to think of one for myself. It's harder than it looks... Right now, coming up with the 3-step anti-mantra is much easier for me: snack (less), complain (less), procrastinate (less).

  12. Hey, wow - exciting! Did I miss something - you're writing a book due in June! Coooooooool.
    I always enjoy your blog but never got your full story - anywho, I need to do some catching up.
    Love you 3-verb mantra thing. Let's see, what's mine?