Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pique nique on the Seine

Paris in the springtime sure is nice, but I am a summer girl. I love the long days and the packed café terraces. I love walking around the city and feeling the Parisian air on my skin and the sun on my back. It is heaven.

And just like in New York, there is a full line-up of outdoor activities and events to be taken advantage of. I will soon plot out my summer strategy of what to do, when, but last night, I got my first taste of what’s to come.

Michael and I had planned to go to Bistro Paul Bert for dinner. But because of my crazy working hours lately, I couldn’t really commit to a reservation. The last time we planned to go to Paul Bert, I had made a reservation (en francais) and then had to cancel at the last minute because of work. I didn’t want to do it again. So when Michael said something about the crazy kids picnicking on the Seine, I was all over it.

I got out of work at 8:30 and met Michael on the Pont Louis-Philippe. This was the sunset around 9 o'clock…

And this was the crowd…

And this is Michael, hiding behind the Ritz crackers.

Okay, so it wasn’t brebis from Basque and baguettes from Eric Kayser. But Michael was nice enough to go to the supermarché for the wine and snacks, and it ended up being a perfect summer evening picnic, thoroughly enjoyed by two Americans in Paris.

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