Sunday, July 5, 2009

Gimme more

Is this the sign of an addict, then? I have been marking the days without a ride on the Velibs, eagerly awaiting when I could get back to it. Nine days, I abstained. Last week, my knee hurt so badly I could barely walk up my stairs. I knew I couldn’t mess around. So I’ve been staying off my feet, and the Velibs, as much as possible. But this girl has pastries to eat! A sedentary life is not for me.

This morning it was time. I was jonesing for a ride, my knee felt good, and so I hopped on and took off for the 7th arrondisement. I knew I wanted to coast around the quiet streets, and it was the perfect fix for my cravings.

It’s so fun when the Eiffel Tower just pops up in front of you.

Or an impromptu marching band, its brassy sounds bouncing around the street.

I cruised the big boulevards and the side streets, and then ditched the bike in the 6th to go to Pierre Hermé.

I took my treasure to a park, enjoying the stillness and memories of doing the very same thing when I was here last summer.

When I was done, I walked home instead of biking. I didn’t want to push my knee, and I was having fun window shopping and walking down the abandoned streets.

It made me so excited for next weekend, a four-day weekend, and the rest of the summer. The Parisians flee the city in August. I might, too, for a weekend. But right now, every day here is like being on vacation. I love it.

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