Monday, July 20, 2009

500 days of summer

A lot of people have asked what I miss about the states or New York. It’s hard to say. I get the occasional wave of sadness, but it’s most often when I think about family and friends. It’s not that I don’t miss New York and my life there. Because I do. But I’m surrounded by so much that is new here—so much that I want to see and do—that I don’t have the space in my head to pine for all the little things that made me happy back home.

But then, something will smack me in the face and the desire for home is inescapable. It may seem silly, but seeing the trailer for this new summer romance did just that.

Maybe it’s because I miss having movie dates (Alex, Cheryl, Mr. B) that include hashing out the movie’s strengths and weaknesses over something delicious (cupcake, cocktail, french toast). Maybe it just reminds me of all the different movie theaters in New York and what the weather was like outside and what was going on in my head when I saw certain movies. Maybe it reminds me of that anticipation at the very beginning of a movie, when you really, really (really!)hope it’s going to be a good one. This trailer even gives me fond memories of schlepping to Ikea. But I think maybe the pang is mostly that my desire to fall H over H with un homme is as strong as my deep and undying love for New York. Being starry-eyed about a city is wonderful. But a city can’t hug you back.

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