Thursday, July 9, 2009

The little things I love

Do you ever just stop and look at your things? Really stop, and look at them?

I couldn’t help but admire my bedroom mantel/nightstand the other day, and I realized that what I was looking at was a collection of fun memories and sweet gifts.

• The candle was a birthday gift from Greg and Tanya that they gave me when I was visiting San Francisco last fall.
• The bag behind it is from a collection I fell in love with down in Biarritz.
• Next to that, a Beatriz Milhazes post card from the Fondation Cartier, blocked by a few flowers I picked up from the local florist.
• I’m reading The Age of Innocence, which was a Christmas/farewell gift from Mr. B.
• The pretty illustration was a Christmas gift from Alison.
• The stripey bracelets in front of it, I bought with Mel down in Nice.
• The John Derian dish, holding my jewelry, was a birthday gift—one of my favorites—from Cheryl.
• The lamp came with the apartment.
• And the clock I bought for five euros after my beloved Moonbeam clock didn’t fare well with the French electricity conversion; its internal clock got so hot, it melted the clock. But even that sad event reminds of something happy: moving into this apartment.

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