Wednesday, July 22, 2009

French women: ridiculous

Dang. I need to step it up. I sat outside at a café for une coupe de champagne last night, and my admiration for the fashionable French women skyrocketed to awe and then tipped to envy.

The (Anne Hathaway-looking) waitress had her hair up in a perfectly disheveled knot that would have taken me 90 minutes and an extra pair of hands to accomplish. Another woman sat, looking stunning in a backless top. Another looked like a YSL model circa ’79 with her belled jeans and fabulous belt. Everyone had something going on. So much style. The sweet and sexy dresses and skirts. The perfectly fitted jeans. The swishy shirts. The perfect hair. The bags, the shoes… I really need to step it up.

1 comment:

  1. I'm going to Paris this summer and I'm really stressed out about what to wear because I know I won't be able to get away with wearing flip flops all day. Hopefully I'll leave with better fashion sense.