Sunday, July 19, 2009

A few more restaurants

Have I mentioned lately how much I love eating here?

Mon Vieil Ami: 69 rue St Louis en l’Ile, 4eme
Went with: Bruce and Meghan on a Saturday night
Had: Beautiful homemade pasta, topped with a few pieces of squid and a filet of sea bream; country bread with the creamiest, saltiest butter; apricot clafoutis with apricot-thyme ice cream. Bon-jour, del-icious!
Impressions: Nice space on the Ile Saint-Louis; they could dim the lights a little, but otherwise I liked the cramped, cavernous room; servers were super friendly; nice mix of tourists and locals; an overall satisfying meal—a close-to-New York dining experience (which I, of course, love).

Le Marché: 2 Place du Marché Ste-Catherine, 4eme

Went with: Josephine on a Friday night
Had: Chicken Caesar salad, and we split the tarte tatin for dessert. A Caesar salad, I know, sounds like a total bore, but it was so simple and satisfying: instead of romaine lettuce drenched in Caesar dressing, they were fresh greens tossed lightly in dressing and the four small slices of chicken were so flavorful. The tarte tatin was underwhelming, but it’s always worth a try.
Impressions: Super cute, classic French bistro with nice prices, located on a darling square in the Marais. The food was basic, the kitchen, tiny, and the waitstaff, really friendly. No need to rush back, but nice to know a cute, affordable spot that’s reliable.

Au Vieux Molière: Passage Molière, 157 rue Saint-Martin, 3eme

Went with: Kyoko on a Sunday night
Had: Chicken with sweet potato mash and sweet plantains.
Impressions: We sat outside in the quiet passage, and it felt like a hidden gem. The food was solid, not outstanding, but it hit the spot for me: I was craving something different and the sweet potatoes and plantains sated me. The waitress was super sweet—as I write this, I have to say, more often than not, the servers here are wonderful.

Bread and Roses: 7 rue de Fleurus, 6eme
Went with: just me, for lunch on a Saturday
Had: A giant square slice of Provencal puff pastry tart—artichokes, tomatoes, zucchini and chevre—with a small side salad of mixed greens tossed with fresh herbs. Fresh, fresh, fresh.
Impressions: A true Anglophones’ place. It’s that clean food bakery/lunch spot that does salads and baked goods really well, but you pay for them. My tart was 16 euros. Isa swears it’s the best brioche in the city, so I will go back.

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