Saturday, April 7, 2012

One week and counting

"What is it with this city? I need to write a letter to the Chamber of Commerce."
—Gil in Midnight in Paris

I love Woody Allen's sense of humor. And I love that I'm going to be back in Paris in exactly one week. Last year, my April visit was sublime. Sunny, warm, filled with great food and friends. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the same this year.


  1. I have watched Midnight in Paris 3 times already. I LOVE it. Such a sweet, magical and beautiful movie!

  2. I'm in Paris now and love this city. It's my 5th trip in 4 years and wish I could win a really big lottery so I could move here.
    Loved the movie, too.

  3. Will be living vicariously through you Amy:)

  4. I do that countdown all the time. Currently on "40 days until we leave for Italy".

  5. Sorry I'm missing you... but have a wonderful time!!!