Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Paris in the rain

Who was it that said Paris is at its best when it’s raining? I guess their experience of rain wasn’t a chilly 40-something degrees, when the wind is blowing sideways and all you really want to be doing is romping through the Luxembourg Gardens. Last year when I came to Paris in April, it was probably twice as warm. This week is just plain cruel.

But. It is Paris.

There are breathtaking landmarks.

Kooky characters.

Delicious food.

(Always, delicious food.)

And cafes when all else fails.

It could always be worse, n'est-ce pas??


  1. I want to eat along with the cheese platter! I miss those French cheese platters :( And at least the cafes have protective shields to sit outside.
    "A bad day in Paris is still better than a good day anywhere else."

  2. I think I had better weather in January 2011!

  3. WEll those of us that love Paris no matter what, have found peace with Paris in the rain. After all, you don't get great rain reflections when it's sunny do you??? I love taking a trip to Paris with you this morning as I lust over that pastry that would be divine with my bad American coffee.

  4. If only it weren't sooo co-cold, the rain would be lovely. I agree. We had better weather in jan.

  5. Le sigh...

    I will arrive in Paris on Saturday for two weeks - surely the weather must improve eventually, non? Needless to say, this is causing major havoc with my packing...

  6. It still looks lovely! And yes, it could be worse. Much worse. You could have been greeted by a giant hairball hacked up by a very hairy white cat this morning instead of Paris in the rain...

  7. I agree, Paris is the woorrsstt in the rain. Woody Allen has obviously never taken the metro when it's raining in Paris. It changes the mood and everything. Be grateful you weren't here in February, it was frigid! This spring has been much worst than last year though, with that I agree. I can't wait until it warms up and I can lay on the Champ de Mars, Velib all over and run in the Bois de Bologne. Enjoy your time in Paris!

  8. " It could be worse " , yes, you could be stuck in the rain in NJ. lol, I would be happy being stuck in the rain in Paris any time, thank you very much.
    We used to go in Autumn and Spring and never really had serious rain .. luck I guess. But it would not stop me, rain doesn't fall inside the Louvre, the D'Orsay or Galleries Lafayette :)

  9. The rain in Paris is better in a novel or a film. But that almond croissant looks amazing.

  10. NO place on the planet colder than Paris IMHO
    I wonder what it will be doing next wednesday?
    Better pack the long johns!
    How was Paul Bert?

  11. Mes amis, je t'adore. Thank you for all the comments and thoughts. Though Paris has been cruelly inhospitable this week, it's also been divine. Paul Bert was better than Cafe Constant but nothing has come close to Chez l'Ami Jean. Though Verjus is pretty darn delicious. And then there are the pastries. And exhibitions. And long, beautiful walks. Beat it, cold rain!

  12. Maybe I should start a blog, God I love Provence! We enjoyed the little towns of Provence just as much as we enjoyed Paris. Saving our pennies so we can get back there again soon! Love your blog!
    Jewelie Dee

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