Monday, April 30, 2012

My Vegan Mondays

The great thing about Vegan Monday is I'm always ready to clean up my act after a weekend of indulging. The bad thing is, it's only Monday—a long time to go until the next 48 hours of freedom and gluttony.

Coffee with soy milk
A medley of cereals (love cereal) with almond milk

Couscous with roasted vegetables
A date bar


Lentil soup
Chocolate bark from Larchmont's Cocoa

Have a wonderful week, everyone!


  1. Amy

    Here is another vegan recipe to check out. The condiments really make it: squeeze lime into it, cilantro, and half an avocado. I do lime tostitos on top too but not sure those are vegan. Sour cream would be good but again not vegan.

  2. I read all your past posts. I have not seen any of the books you mention buying. When in France I usually buy French books because they are so hard to find here in Atlanta. Luckily I was in New Orleans last week and found several. We were in Paris for 3 weeks last year at this time and for this coming fall we decided to go to Nice instead. It is also a lovely city with its special charm. It must not be too easy to eat in the little Parisian restaurants if you are a vegan?

  3. You are So Good !!
    Morning : coffee
    Lunch: mashed avocado with crackers
    Dinner: pasta putenesca

    It is getting easier as I have no interest in cooking now and not that much in eating, so whatever is fast and easy to clean up ..
    the pasta was Take-out :)

    besitos !