Monday, August 15, 2011

Greetings from St. Martin’s Lane

It was a relatively last-minute assignment, and it unexpectedly brought me to London. So, after a busy week in New York (finished the book—done with edits!; finished my apartment refinancing—done with paperwork!; baked Nutella brownies for my family reunion, which was this past weekend in Connecticut and which was brilliant… and said brownies, which I made from scratch, were pas mal!; plus a couple other significant meetings and accomplishments… future details about Belgian chocolate and macarons in America writing assignments to come), I boarded a redeye last night. I was asleep before takeoff and, miraculously, slept for pretty much the entire six-hour flight.

So waking up and going straight to work wasn’t too horrible. Especially since everyone in Ogilvy’s London office is so nice. Someone actually came by to welcome us with bags of sweets: gummies + Cadbury = fast friends and assured loyalty for the remainder of the week.

And then I got back to the hotel this evening and was welcomed with a handwritten note and a cupcake. Quel service!

And then Sally and I went to a lovely little French restaurant, Terroirs. The menu was French, the wine selection was French, and our waiter was French. So we got to relive our glory days in Paris, practice our paltry language skills, and eat lovely food: a pork chop for Sally...

...anchovies on toast pour moi...

plus a tuna, bean and tomato salad.

Looking forward to another day in London tomorrow!


  1. Quite the glamorous (albeit hectic) life you lead, Amy! Tweeted you some London food recs! Hope you can try one/some of them!

  2. Sounds like a great assignment to have!