Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Macarons or cupcakes?

I mean, who isn't obsessed with Paris vs. New York??

It just so happens that Colette just launched an Vahram Muratyan exhibition, the witty artist behind the web site, to celebrate the upcoming launch of his book. And I got to profile it for The Moment. Even better, I get to see the exhibition next week! Paris, here I come...


  1. How wonderful! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your trip.

    jennie t.

  2. I love how this happens for you. You're definitely in the flow! (And, sadly, I have to stick with the cupcakes. I'm allergic to nuts, and the macarons, while delightful, make me all wheezy. Not attractive, wheezing down the Champs Elysees...)

  3. Amy ! We have macarons in Buenos Aires now !!
    You will have to come here soon ..
    besos, C ( torn between BA and Paris and NYC)

  4. Thank you for this! I'll be in Paris in three weeks and hope these prints are still available. New York + Paris + design. Three of my favorite things! xoxo

  5. Your name in lights: