Thursday, August 18, 2011

The gluttony continues

Ah, London. It’s been a brilliant week so far. But today—despite chilly rain and traffic-clogged streets—has been the best day yet.

Each culture has its own style. Japan is austere and elegant. France is chic, whether it’s in the country or city. Scandinavian countries have their pure, refined design. What I love about English style is the mix of high and low; posh and kitsch; stellar quality and, well, crummy quality. Today’s lunch at The Parlour was the perfect representation of that.

A cool, lofty space filled with contrasting modern and country furniture and details.

Cheeky, playful displays of food.

And a fresh and yummy menu. My butternut squash and feta salad came enrobed in giant romaine lettuce leaves.

Which, voila…

...revealed the goodness inside.

Then Sally an I made sure we got out of work at a decent hour in order to make it to Bocca Di Lupo, sans reservations. We got to the Italian restaurant in Soho, which I had read about on Kimberley’s, just in time to score two seats at the bar. What followed were six plates of heaven.

Sardines—the freshest and most delicious of my life—and panzanella salad.

(The coil of meat was solely Sally's doing!)

Creamy smoked buffalo mozzarella.

Fried zucchini blossoms, stuffed with savory ricotta and anchovies.

And garfish—a new fish for me; similar to mackerel—bruschetta.

We had a carafe of beautiful chilled Blauburgunder. Divine olives. Fresh focaccia.

The staff was lovely and friendly. It was just an extraordinary meal.

Followed by a nightcap at Experimental.
Weeeee! My favorite Paris bar landed in London last fall and has exquisite cocktails, just as dangerously delicious as I remember.

Ah, London, you're growing on me…


  1. London grew on me a long time ago, then I went to Paris and Paris grew on me ... Buenos Aires has grown on me but I am feeling the pull for the old growth lol ... either one will do... my husband wants to spend some time in Cornwall, who am I do disagree?
    I love the idea of that salad ! I got very hungry for smoked mozzarella after seeing that dish ! I bet they don't even have it here ... see, this is why I need to visit SomeWhereElse.

  2. Are those mini marshmallows on cupcakes? Brilliant idea!

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