Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer lull

Funny how cyclical life is. Just yesterday morning, I caught myself saying, "I'm bored." This, despite living in the craziest, busiest city in the country. This, despite being stressed at work. This, despite having all kinds of plans and agendas. I'm never bored. Who has time to be bored??

Apparently me. Exactly a year ago, I was saying the same thing about Paris. But, like those new discoveries last summer in Paris (Inner tubes on the Seine! Tango dancers at dark!), I'm excited to see what New York will reveal to me this week. Something unexpected, something enlightening, and something wonderful is what I hope.


  1. I hope you find something wonderful! I'm kind of bored too, enter Gilmore Girls, and Harry Potter Marathons. Exactly when I'm in danger of failing all my summer school classes...Seriously. I have nothing to do right now, besides wait!
    Go out and explore NY! :D

  2. It is Winter here , I get to be bored and you don't :)
    We while away our boring winter hours with a recuperating Pup and discussions about what neighborhood we would like to live in , in Paris :)
    Besitos, to Milo too ..

  3. Now that you're aware of the boredom & keeping an eye open for interesting things, I bet that interesting things will start to pop all around you! Doesn't it seem that's the case? If we open our eyes up a little bit and keep our awareness attuned, we start to see stuff all around us. :) I have to laugh (conspiratorially; that is, "with," not "at") at Anna's comment: I have been combating it with episodes of "Gossip Girl" and Twitter/Facebook/G+ and, obviously, blog reading, lol. Maybe you could make an Anti-Boredom list of things to do and then blog about doing them so we can share in the vicarious NYC living! :) I know I'd like that...

  4. We all wish we could be somewhere different - someplace exotic, novel and exciting and that coming from Parisians and New Yorkers! Fact is, it's normal to feel bored but I think your boredom can be attributed to your feelings of uncertainty and uneasy transition. Things will fall into place, whether you're in NY, Paris or at home with the family in CT. Keep your eyes open!

  5. You guys are right. Thanks for the pep talk! On this week's agenda: drinks with the girls, a Chelsea art crawl, BOOK EDITS, and the capper: a weekend in Martha's Vineyard. What the F is wrong with me?! Bored. Sheesh.

  6. There will be days that you might stop and think, I wish I were bored.