Friday, July 15, 2011

What a great week

I started out in a dark and gloomy place but then I changed my attitude. Things are going swimmingly now.

I’ve been working on my book edits, which came through right before the July 4 holiday. I have to say, I’m getting excited. Excited that the book’s a wee bit stronger now and especially excited that the end of writing and editing is in sight.

I had lunch with my agent—our first face-to-face meeting, in fact. Not only did we share a pretzel croissant and peanut butter cookies at City Bakery (my god, so delicious), but talking about the future of my book and thinking about my writing future in general was a fantastic jolt.

I had drinks with the girls on the Lower East Side. Cute new spot, Casa Mezcal, followed by a fun but unnecessary nightcap at Schiller’s.

Spin class—my new yoga.

After weeks of intense work at the office, things are coming together and I’m sort of loving my all-girl teams. Advertising is filled with dudes and it’s so rare to work with so many women. I’m enjoying the girl power. Feeling more connected at work. And ever received hugs for work well done. (It was like being in second grade again, but in the best way.)

My friend Mitchell got a new job.

I have articles coming out in the September issues of Town + Country, Every Day with Rachel Ray and National Geographic Traveler. Now I have to pitch some new ideas.

I tried two new flavors of Ben & Jerry’s: Maple Blondie and Peach Cobbler. Hurt me.

AJ and I cracked brewskis on the High Line at dusk. It’s magical to have had one best friend for 27 years. We even bought each other friendship bracelets, the kind we used to make ourselves, from two adorable girls who were pawning them there on the High Line.

And last night ended with an omelet and frites at Pastis with a fun group of friends at midnight.

Speaking of going swimmingly, I’m off to Martha’s Vineyard for the weekend. My beach hat and beach umbrella are packed, but after all this eating, my beach body will not be coming. Just as well… I have a huge appetite for lobster rolls and ice cream.


  1. On the topic of delicious ice cream I wanted to send you a link to a new brand that has me completely obsessed. My personal favorite flavor "so far" is the meyer lemon yogurt—it is sublime gourmet perfection!!

    Happy to hear things are going well.
    Can't wait to read the book,


  2. All of these Positive vibes just floating out of this blog !!!
    Let me catch some !!
    Loved Martha's Vineyard .. way back about 100 years ago. It seems like I have been gone from the US NE for about that long .
    All the book and article news is just fabulous.. so happy for you!
    Don't forget the sunblock, have fun, besos. C

  3. This is brilliant news! When you've got this much going on, isn't it normal to feel in the dumps? It's overwhelming and you can't imagine the pieces coming together. Looks like they are :) Can't wait to read your work in the mags and of course, get my hands on your book!!

  4. Well my goodness!! Those are sunnier skies, indeed! What a great list of activities and accomplishments. Each one made me smile, and I am glad things are swimmingly better. Yay!

  5. I love your attitude shift! Sometimes we just have to do it ourselves and THEN other positives flow in, too.

    In my own little positive world, I now have a writing group and am so excited to workshop writing with them. (This happened when I gave up something that was stressing me...nice little karmic adjustment!)

    Tell us more about your book! And I'm looking forward to reading your articles.

  6. So glad to hear that things are going well for you now. I can't wait for the book! Enjoy the time at the Vineyard - such a nice place to chill and soak up the sun. There are some great French restaurants in Edgartown - I heard that l'etoile was very good. A long time ago I ate at Water Street in the Harbor View Hotel and had a very enjoyable meal - not to mention the views!

  7. I'm with Anne here -- clearly you do not need sleep. Congrats on the edits and articles. Be sure to post links or tidbits!

    La Mom
    An American Mom in Paris