Sunday, July 24, 2011


A long, long time ago, I was young and in love. I had moved out to San Francisco after college and started my career in advertising. I had dorky New England style, an earnest passion for writing poetry and untamed eyebrows.

Then I met Zack. He was older, he was a writer, and he was a genius. He was funny, stylish, sweet, cool, and so different from anyone I knew. He introduced me to writers like Italo Calvino and poets like T.S. Eliot. He bought me books about Paris in the ’20s and California cuisine. He introduced me to Teuscher champagne truffles. He always supported my ideas and dreams and opened my world like nobody else. In short, he played a big role in who and where I am today.

For the past several years, as I’ve been putting everything I’ve got towards this book, he’s been putting everything into making movies. He has a couple screenwriting credits but finally finished his first feature film, Will. I read the script many moons ago and have seen some outtakes and it’s brilliant. Like Zack, it’s funny, sad and beautiful.

It’s going to be released this fall in the UK, where it was mostly shot, produced and edited. But, like Jay Weston wrote for the Huffington Post, the American movie houses are out to lunch. While it’s on Weston’s Academy Award Winner list, no one here has bought the rights yet. Let’s hope the U.S. companies get their act together so we can all see this brilliance on the big screen.


  1. Wow, the movie looks fantastic! I would love to see it.
    Please send my biggest congratulations to Zack!

    Also what you wrote about Zack—how he opened you world, brought a tear to my eye. Beautiful writing Amy. You may feel influenced by Calvino and T.S. Elliot but you are a talented writter in your own rite


  2. I'll definitely see this movie but I'm a total knucklehead about football (but then so are a LOT of people in the USA these days). If I could just make one suggestion about the movie it would be that instead of the kid being a Liverpool fan he follows Valencia Club de Fútbol and instead of Valencia losing in the Champions League final on penalties they win it! You said the guy's a genius so it shouldn't be a big problem.

  3. This movie looks wonderful...I will be going....I hope Zack has huge success with it....xv

  4. Oh God, I wept through the little trailer, the movie will kill me !

  5. oh, that film looks phenomenal! I hope it does make it over to the States!

  6. Beautiful, and you are right about US companies being out to lunch...Thanks for the trailer.

  7. What an incredible story -- yours and Zack's, and the film as well.

  8. SO touching! I'm teary. Can't wait to see it!