Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Le book

Many of you have (graciously) asked what’s going on with my book. Here’s the latest update:

I submitted my manuscript on June 1. Except that I had to turn in the Town + Country article on the alkaline diet two days later, it was perhaps the biggest sigh of relief that’s ever escaped my lips.

I spent June recovering. My poor brain and eyeballs were beyond fatigued, and I had permanent indents on my forearms from where they rest against my desk as I type. And after eating so many greens for the article/diet, I began binging on Ben & Jerry’s—sweet, sweet Ben & Jerry’s.

So recover I did (sort of), and then my editor got back to me with edits right before the Fourth of July holiday. Now I’m back it: revising, editing, strengthening and polishing. I wonder if I’ll ever feel it’s “ready”, but it’s coming together nicely. I have to submit the manuscript again by the end of this month, and then there may be one more round of edits.

Then it gets turned over to design and layout. My editor and I were debating about including photos for each of the chapters. On one hand, pictures of food are always a good thing. But they’ll be black and white. Maybe not worth it? Too junky? What do you think?

Also in August, I have to produce a little sales video for Sourcebook’s sales conference. If anyone has any self-promotion, or hair or makeup tips, speak up!

At some point, I’m hoping to see a couple of design options for the cover. This, I await with bated breath. I sent my “brief” for what I was looking for (bold, graphic, playful; not too girly or cutesy) along with some references. Fingers crossed.

The advance reader copies should be ready in October. These get sent to anyone who expresses interest in reviewing the book. I’ll also start working with publicity then, planning readings, demos, smackdowns, sponsorships, promotions and articles and reaching out to anyone who might want to support the book. (Have any ideas??)

Then in March, we execute all those readings, demos, smackdowns, sponsorships, promotions and articles. For March is when it finally hits the shelf! Oh la la… so close, yet so far away.

And finally, the working title…

Paris, My Sweet
A Year in the City of Light (and Dark Chocolate)

Whaddaya think??


  1. I love "Paris, My Sweet". It's perfect!

    For the tagline, what really caught my attention with your blog was that you were a 30-something New Yorker who magically found herself, literally and figuratively, in Paris. I like the play on chocolate, but your personal story is so interesting and the sweets part is hinted at already with the first line in the title.

    I'm excited to read your book! Best of luck, el

  2. You know I'm a huge, huge fan. (that would be an understatement, actually.) I cannot wait to snatch a copy of my own!

    The beauty of your photos (of food!) are the colors - the textures, the vibrancy, etc. So while I do think B&W may demean the essence of the photography, I still think it's necessary to some extent. I love a visual, but then again, that's me.

    With or without pictures I'm just excited for the book itself. You don't know how much you've inspired me to write since I stumbled upon GILP a year ago.


  3. I love the second title ... great fun and so Paris.
    Congrats on the book ... lots of hard work but what fun you will have once it's published. Let the celebration begin.

  4. This is so exciting!! I cannot wait to read it... Who do the advanced reader copies go to? Can regular people get them!? Also I would LOVE to help promote the book in my town.

    Good Luck with everything!!

  5. Please, oh please, if you're going to tour the country, try to come to Seattle. I will be the fool vibrating with excitement in the front row and blushing and stammering when I ask you to sign your book.

  6. I love the title "Paris, My Sweet" because it nods to the sweat freak in you in an obvious way yet at the same time it alludes to your personal love affair with Paris.

    I also like the idea of including food images but maybe they can be illustrations. Since you are drawn to an illustrative cover style why not have the illustrator hired also draw whimsical illustrations of your favorite Parisian sweets? Could be fun and hip.

    Please consider me as an option to be an advanced reader. It would be an honor.

    Super proud of you!


  7. I'm loving the title!:) Very clever:)

    Make sure there's a kindle edition!:)


  8. Lovely title! I'm sure it will be a joy to read. Hope it's being published in Europe!


    It feels so real and exciting reading your post.

    You can't see me but I am jumping up and down!!

    I am so happy to see all your hard work come to such glorious fruition.

    You so deserve your every success!

    xx Mel

  10. Can't wait to read your book, been following you for several years now. I love the subtitle, but have to admit that reading the title, I immediately thought of David Lebovitz, "The Sweet Life in Paris".

  11. What an incredible journey you have been on!

    I am very happy for you and excited to read the new book! J'adore the title.

    I agree with Connie Wood that "Paris, my sweet" is a nice nod to Sweet Freak. The second half of the title is very clever. If I saw that in B&N and had no prior knowledge of you - I would definitely be intrigued!

    As for the photos - black and white won't do it justice . In Clotilde Dusoulier's Edible Adventures in Paris, she had the black and white photos and I personally found that the impact was a little dull overall. I like the idea of illustrations. Perhaps you could have an illustrator create an image of you and add a little vignette of you to match the scene or story being told in a chapter. You would look adorable in an illustration.
    Or perhaps, it might be interesting to create a photo supplement to the book on your blog with a special section dedicated to the book with pictures and such per chapter. A double bonus to that is it will increase your readership on your blog and also promote your book from the web.

    Also an e-copy for a reader or ipad is a fabulous idea too!

    Good luck with everything - I am sure it will be spectacular!

  12. Cannot wait to get my hands on the book! Would love to see photos or illustrations cause I'm sort of visual like that. ;-)

    It all sounds so wonderful, Amy. Congrats again!

  13. I pictured, automatically, the painting that the artist that sat with Milo, did of the view from your flat in Paris .. with Milo in it.
    The book is about more than food, no ?
    So I imagine the Au Revoir To All That with your painting as the background, but perhaps a big fat slice of chocolate cake in the picture too :)

  14. My hesitation regarding pictures is about actual production. Black and white could be good (if you have some smoky noir style shots recalling Paris of the 40's or something like that) but what's going to mangle images is if they don't use proper paper when printing them. Has this been offered, having the pictures printed separately and then inserted in the collating and binding process?

  15. Love the title!!! I think it succinctly speaks volume to what Paris is all about.

    I would love to receive an advanced copy! Count me in for support.

    I would say, don't nix the idea of photos, even if they're black and white (why can't they be in color?) - so many people need visuals to really grap and feel motivated to act by a topic so it would be necessary support for your words. Plus, if the photo is good, it will show even in black and white!

    I like what you're thinking for the cover - especially something along the lines of the first one.

    Take a deep breath - you'll look back on this and think, what an amazing challenge I survived brilliantly! I just hope you'll still talk to us when you're a multi-million dollar author!

  16. Merci, everyone! It's exciting to hear your thoughts and feedback & I really appreciate it! xo

  17. The title is awesome. So clever and so perfect for the essence of the book. I vote no on the photos, unless they're printed on glossy stock. Not sure if that can be done inserted among the chapters. How EXCITING. I'm living this book, now, vicariously through you.

  18. The title! I love it! I am going to talk to some indie bookstores that we goto in the boston area to drop the idea that they bring you in for a reading! and tasting? maybe one of the chocolateres in the south end? yumm!

  19. This is incredibly exciting and I love the title! I'm with Lindsey on not including the photos... but line drawings would be delightful. Do you draw? Congratulations, my sweet! I am so thrilled for you!

  20. Amazing! I'm with no black and white photos of food, too. Don't think it would have enough pizazz. Your words are wow enough. Count me in for an advance copy, too, please. You know I'll cover it on my blog!

  21. Congratulations!!! I think the suggestion of a small illustration of you in a vignette for each chapter is perfect & whimsical. Actual pictures of food seem just too literal & don't have that fantasy aspect (we all know that reality is never as pretty & perfect as the fantasy in our heads). LOVE the cover ideas, especially the first picture (the small illustrations would be the perfect compliment to something like this). Love the entire title. If you take out the second (& very clever) part people really won't know what the book is about. The second part will sell the fantasy!! Would love to read an advance copy when it's ready. This is all so exciting & rooting for you!! -Colleen

  22. Me likes the title. Actually, loves the title!

    People will want to see you with the French Touch to your hair and makeup. I picture something youthful and simple - loose tendrils sticky out of a casual swept up do, natural face with mascara, a little eyeliner, taupe shadows, arched brows, and tinted rosy lip. ; )

  23. Oh! Amy! I didn't know how to do this posting thing, so forgive me for being Anonymous. Next time, I'll try to use a better name. But... I just wanted to tell you how awesome everything that you write is! I first found out about all your endeavors by reading the special article you published in the Travel Section of the Sunday edition of The New York Times this past Spring. But, it wasn't until I managed to Google your name today, that I landed upon a link to this blog. What a terrific blog!! I cannot wait untl your book is published, because I want to buy it and read it! Great title, too! ~Susan