Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pieces of Paris

Every so often, friends send me snapshots and such from Paris. It's always a bittersweet pang.

There was my street sign that Mel sent. Sigh. My other home.

The Technicolor macarons Jo sent. Apparently macaron boutiques are springing up around Paris as much as they are in New York.

Candice sent me this lovely photo that conjures all the sweetness of the city.

Speaking of sweetness, an old colleague passed along this split screen love story.

And, a lovely surprise, Easy Jet added me to their list of "Ultimate Paris Bloggers". I'm honored to be with other such great bloggers. Merci, Easy Jet!


  1. Congrats. You so deserve it. And BTW, went out this evening to the local Ben and Jerry's only to find that it was permanently closed. Sheesh.

  2. I imagined those were your feet in that photo :)
    Congratulations ! Totally deserved !
    besitos.. Candice