Friday, June 10, 2011

Weekend dreaming

What I'm excited for this summer...

Bike riding along the Hudson... New York Philharmonic in Central Park... outdoor movies... beach time... reading... ICE CREAM (Amorino just opened here in New York!)... rooftop cocktails... dating... PS 1 SUNDAYS... Alexander McQueen at The Met... picnics, picnics, picnics... Governors Island... lazy mornings spent reading at home or in a cafe... FRECKLES... sundresses... spontaneous road trips... the Union Square GREENMARKET and cheffing up my loot... feeling grass between my toes... a new chapter... Connecticut... GIN & TONICS... crossword puzzle success... urban strolls... lobster rolls... YOGA... Sandy Hook... wedges... breakfast club... more green juices... the ever-elusive flat abs... fresh berries... bright colors... nostalgic music... RED SOX... more reading... planning trips to San Francisco and PARIS...

Et toi??


  1. Ha! "Cheffing up my loot" Love that. I'll look forward to that, too, after my local farmer's market tomorrow. And since this is Seattle, I'm also looking forward -- hopefully -- to temps over 60. And an adventure girl Seattle to LA road trip with my best friend later this summer. Three National Parks, too much junk food, tons of giggles and more foolishness than you can shake a rental car at.

  2. Happy summer, m'dear! And now you have your weekends back, too. I'm looking forward to nectarines, reading a fat novel by the pool, painted toenails, and hamburgers. And to reading about your warm-weather adventures here!

  3. So much to look forward to! I love how you make a feast of everything!:)

    Looking forward to the rest of my language training in Spain and in the Netherlands, to terraces in Barcelona and in the Hague, sightseeing in the Netherlands and Belgium, a long weekend somewhere and probably another one in Paris:) Long walks with my love, reading like a fiend on my kindle and my new e-book for Spanish lit, eating fresh strawberries, long walks along the beach in Scheveningen.

    When are you going back to Paris?


  4. Mandy in ManchesterJune 11, 2011 at 3:14 PM

    I just finished a couple of months of frequent travels (Venice, Paris of course, Barcelona and Bruges) so I am looking forward to a summer at home...... next stop is Boston at the end of August. I noticed your list includes RED SOX....are you a Sox fan?

  5. What a great idea. I'm going to do the same thing in my journal - list what I'm looking forward to and what I CAN enjoy here at home rather than just wallowing in self-pity while I pine for Paris.

  6. Sounds pretty cool...
    nice blog

  7. Hi, I've got to tell you that I adore your blog. It's become my new obsession, esp since I'm doing a summer in Paris, which hopefully may extend to something more. I also recently did a wishlist, and unlike yours, it needs maturing. Congrats on the book, and sorry to put all my comments in one small box.

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