Monday, June 13, 2011

My Vegan Mondays

Thank you, friends and readers for keeping me going with these Vegan Mondays. Admittedly, I lapse some weeks when a good occasion calls for it (I'm talking to you, Balthazar). But I keep going with them because of the feedback and encouragement I've gotten from you, so thank you! Merci!

Green tea
Green juice (this has become one of my favorite things in the world!)
Half a grapefruit

Soba noodles with edamame and peanuts and spicy tofu with spinach and red pepper (both made by yours truly; my first time cooking with tofu, believe it or not)
Chips (Ugh! Disgusting. But I was in a meeting and I was starving so I ate chips)
And almonds

Asparagus, potatoes and sweet and sour eggplant
Too much prosecco


  1. I would like to know how to make the soba noodles .. what is green juice? and there is no such thing as too much prosecco.
    besos !

  2. The noodles are so easy! Just tossed with a rice vinegar & lime juice dressing, edamame and peanuts. Dee-lish.

    "Too much prosecco" only matters the day after...

  3. I've resumed my semi-vegan lifestyle (à la Mark Bittman) and I have to admit that I am STARVING almost all the time.

    Do you find yourself hungrier on vegan Mondays? What do you eat that keeps you satisfied? I'm wondering if I need to eat more beans -- or just more food period?

  4. What is green juice and where do you get it? Thanks. Because of you my husband and I have started Veggie Monday's not Vegan but close.

  5. I find I eat more food over all when cutting out certain things. It is winter, it is cold, I am eating more.
    Although , I am an animal when there is any sort of noodle / pasta on the table. .
    I am not the person to ask about keeping satisfied etc, I drink coffee by the gallon here and have been known to have pastries for lunch ..

  6. I'm sorry ! I saw Ann and thought that was Amy and was answering .. forgive me .. I sounded so know-it-all-ish :)
    I am a vegetarian for 40 years and have just started eating fish and chicken because we live in a place where my diet was starting to lack certain things and I was getting too thin.. poor me lol.

  7. Ha - that's okay, Candice. My response to Ann would be similar: yes, I get hungry on Vegan Mondays, but no more than on other days. I am always hungry.

    Definitely go for the hearty grains. I know it's tough in Paris, but sometimes, for example, I'll have a burrito of black beans, gaucamole and veggies. But otherwise, I've started doing the whole 'grazing' thing - always snacking on fruit, veggies and nuts.

    And I'm trying to stay away from lunches of pastries. Candice!

    Ann, you can green juice at any smoothie shop (like Jamba Juice or many bodegas here in NYC). But it's a whole lot cheaper to make them. My typical juice is a bunch of kale, about a quarter cucumber, half a celery stalk, half a banana, some fresh lemon juice and water. You'd be amazed at how delicious it is!

  8. Thanks for your suggestions! Things have gotten better since I made a big vat of mushroom-barley risotto and have been eating it for lunch. But even with that, I'm still up to about 3 snacks (of fruit/veg) per afternoon. Granny Smith apples are saving me!