Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Things Matter in Paris

The way things look…

The way they taste…

They way they’re presented…

All the little details…

Just being in Paris is luxury.


  1. Oh I loved every single photo. Yes, it's all in the details in Paris and that's just one more reason I love it too.

  2. appearance definitely matters. huge difference from us to france!

  3. Clicking my heels and wishing to be in Paris isn't working :(
    Thanks for the photos though :)

  4. I agree with everything you just said. :)

  5. There's no place more aesthetically pleasing just to BE in than Paris. Pure pleasure.

  6. Well said! The details, and presentation are what matters. I also love the quietness of Paris, and how it's considered rude to be loud. One can eavesdrop on a conversation, not understand a word, and feel soothed.

  7. I often have a difficult time explaining my love for Paris but this is essentially it. Things matter in Paris. Even when you buy an individual chocolate in an expensive shop it is treated with respect, no different than if you had spent a fortune. No one shoves a wad of bills, loose change, and a receipt at you while talking on a cell phone. It is not just that things themselves matter, it also matters how you do things.

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