Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'd rather be...

...playing along the canal.

Picnicking in science's shadow...

...drinking with all the bobos...

...waiting for pizza delivery—miam!

Early morning velib rides were always bliss.

And don't forget the indie movies at mk2.

Maybe next time, I'll strap it on and do some sculling.


  1. I loooooove your early morning velib ride picture! Amazingly serene!!!

  2. I'll save a permanent spot for you along the canal :) We can first have bagels and smoothies at Café Sésame!

  3. I've never picknicked along the Canal. Next time...

    (And yes, I'd rather be doing ANY of these things than waiting out another hot, humid, rainy day in southern Minnesota. Yep.)

  4. The Paris curse: when you're here you feel lucky but also easily fall into the crabby Parisian attitude, when you're not you'll always long to go back.

    I recently began my 2nd stint in Paris because I couldn't deal with the withdrawal! Don't worry, it's hot and rainy here too sometimes. You'll be back! Enjoy where you are right now :)

  5. "I've never picknicked along the Canal. Next time..."

    Oh chica, I am so sorry. Yup -- gotta remedy this the next time you are in town, right? :)

    This I write as the Paris By Mouth anniversary celebration picnic is going to be along the canal later today... Salt in the wound, maybe. If it is any consolation, it looks like it is going to rain, just as it has been doing on and off, a definite chill in the air, for the past couple of days. Brrr.

    Courtney is right: it is a kind of curse, though, huh. Good advice to enjoy where you are right now. OMG, I would die to use a dryer-dried towel later when I go to take a shower, and to have the ability to tell people off adequately in a language I understand and can speak well, and to experience the energy and vitality of a city like New York City. The grass is always greener over somewhere else, huh.

    See you when you are back, Amy. :) Now go eat a Tagada Fraise and have a good day. :)~

  6. Hey there! : ) I never commented before but I really enjoy reading your blog. A couple of weeks ago I did a little Paris trip with my mom and I'm so happy that I had so many inspirations from your blog. It opened my eyes to see a new side of Paris. Thank you for that! I wrote a little blog post about the trip too, maybe you would like to check it out...
    Greetings from Germany and" Au revoir" ;-)