Saturday, June 4, 2011

Manhattan and Midnight in Paris

I’ve been feeling the pull and split of New York and Paris a lot again lately. How is it possible to love two so radically different cities so much? To want to be in both cities, and not give either up?

But since I am in New York, I’ve been dying to get a hit of Paris through Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris—I just haven’t had the time yet. Hopefully this week. In the meantime, I watched Manhattan on DVD. Somehow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it. And, wow, what a love letter to New York. Just what I needed to see right now. Reassurance that this city is amazing and I am so lucky to be here and that, oui, I am still in love. And I don't care what anyone says, Woody Allen just cracks me up.


  1. We saw it not that long ago here, on the telly.
    And he cracks us up too .. I will see anything that he has made.
    I am in the mood for Vickie Barcelona again .. waiting to see Midnight in Paris and worried about subtitles .. how much dialogue will be in French .. will I care? I don't think so :)
    We spent a while tonight talking (again) about living in France.

  2. I LOVE Manhattan, such a good movie! ;D
    And I also want to see Midnight in Paris, it looks so good!

    Paris and New York= <3

    p.s. I just was reminded of the movies New York, I Love You and Paris Je T'Aime...Hmm, I guess NY and Paris have been in a lot of movies! :D

  3. I too have felt the pull, but PARIS will always be my first choice.

  4. One of my favorite movies of all time. The building I grew up in is in the opening (visible @ :13) I always got a kick out of that.

    Midnight in Paris is not as perfect as Manhattan, but it was charming, and Amy, brace yourself.... it will make you CRAZY nostalgic for Paris...but in a good way! xx m

  5. I don't know if Midnight in Paris will EVER come to the cinemas in this little town on the Minnesota prairies...but if it does come to Minneapolis, I'm definitely making a trip north!

  6. I went to see Midnight In Paris, this weekend and I loved it! I didn't want the movie to end.

  7. Saw Midnight in Paris -- LOVED it. But actually, I haven't seen Manhattan, so I'm going to do that this week! Thanks for the reminder :)

  8. So, you have two loves! Monogamy isn't for everyone. ;-)

    Really enjoyed Midnight in Paris. A delightful trifle!

  9. The cinematography in Midnight in Paris is so lovely. The city looks so beautiful - at midnight, in the rain, and in bloom. Enjoyed the movie. A nice way to spend the afternoon and then come home and pine for Paris.