Sunday, June 26, 2011

Farming and flappers on Governors Island

It was a lovely weekend. Dinner in Darien with my dear college roommate. Brunch at ABC Kitchen with Connie and Alex. A meeting with fellow sweet freak Kathy Chan. But today was just a great day.

I had signed up to do some volunteer farming at the Added Value Farm on Governors Island, giving me the opportunity to not only get earthy and earnest for a few hours, but also to see this island, which used to be a military base, for the first time.

It was a priceless view leaving the city. I still miss those towers, but at least have my memories of them.

And once on the island, it was a great juxtaposition to see greens and sculptures with the city skyline as a backdrop.

In fact, there are sculptures and views all over the island.

Added Value works in conjunction with the three-acre Red Hook Community Farm to support a CSA, weekly farmer’s market and four local restaurants. We were tasked with tilling some new plots, weeding some old plots and transplanting flowers between the two.

I know it sounds dorky but it was really rewarding to see the nice, fresh rows we left behind.

As luck would have it, it was one of the two jazz age summer weekend lawn parties on Governors Island. For years, I’ve seen the amazing photos coming out of this event and finally got to see it up close (sort of; I was filthy and felt chagrined to even be near all this loveliness).

Sorta makes you want to get all dolled up and dance, doesn't it?


  1. Love the New york skyline shots.....xv

  2. WOW!!! I LOVE THIS!! I wish I could have spent this exact day with you... so awesome!! xx M

  3. I agree with Vicki, the skyline shots are great. Reminds me to keep counting down to our Great American Vacation 2011!

    La Mom
    An American Mom in Paris

  4. What fun !
    How lovely to get away , to get to garden and get dirty :) and to hear the music.
    The photos are lovely and I totally agree about the Missing .. it will always be that way- regardless of what goes up in their place.

  5. What fun - yes, I did want to dress up and do some jitterbugging. (Love the "WORMS" sign, too!)

  6. Amy

    I never comment, but have been looking at your blog for a number of years with my wife. have to tell you the last pic, immediately made me think of the Renoir painting "Moulin de la Galette".


    Jeff B.


  7. Merci everyone for sharing my enthusiasm for the worms and getting dirty and being inspired by the beautiful jazz age and jitterbugging and all those lovely people who took the time to dress the part. It was such a perfect day (followed as it was by "The Tree of Life", which I gotta say, I loved, and dried fruit from Russ & Daughters - so NYC all around!)

    Jeff B. thanks so much for reading and commenting. And you are so right about the photo-painting connection - thanks for pointing out that happy coincidence!

  8. That looks like so much fun!