Saturday, April 2, 2011

Weather check: je suis jalouse

It's in the 70s in Paris. It's barely 50 in New York. Where was all that lovely warmth last November and December? All I can do is hope for a speedy spring here, and the perfect weather in Paris when I'm there in three weeks.

Enjoy the sunshine, mes amis!


  1. It is supposed to be Autumn here and today is in the 80s.
    I have had my fill of warm sunny days and would be quite content with cool / cold sunny days.
    besitos, C ... way down here.

  2. Ne soit pas jalouse -- it's back to 50 degrees and rainy here! We're saving the sunshine for you, m'dear.

  3. What Ann said. Miserable day today - don't worry! :)

    What day do you get here? We should have a homecoming party for you! I hope we'll cross paths. I'll be in Istanbul the last week of April.

  4. I want cool days back. It's currently 82 degrees here in Dallas, Texas. And the sun is almost down completely!

  5. it was beautiful in Paris on Saturday - warm and sunny (Friday was not so good!). Took a long walk along the Seine to Notre Dame.

    Was woken at 6.30am on Sunday by torrential rain and cold (I had left my window open as it was still so warm when I went to bed!). Fortunately it had stopped by the time I had to leave for gare du nord

  6. Hi Amy! Hey, you will be in Paris ? How long will you stay ? Hope that the sun will shine for you so that you can enjoy Paris in the springtime ;o))) Big bisous from Paris !

  7. it was hot hot hot on Saturday in Paris.
    The little midriff tops were out enmasse.
    I must have some Spanish in me because I had to go take a siesta in the afternoon..
    I much preferred drizzly, overcast chilly Sunday with everyone still in bed except for the line at Champs-Elysees Laduree.
    go figure.

  8. I'm writing to you in paris RIGHT NOW!! It was in the 70's today. Crazy hot but wonderful. Thinking of you and reading all your recommendations from the blog!! xoxo