Saturday, April 30, 2011

He never even realized I was gone


  1. Hi Amy,
    It was nice to meet you again. Hope you had a wonderful last day in Paris and a good flight back home. After Paris, enjoy springtime in New York! xo, Britta

  2. By your photos, seems like you had a great trip! Hope we will meet again in the City of Light.

  3. He did.
    He heard you coming down the hall and dashed into the bedroom and threw himself on the bed so it would appear that he was unaware of your absence.
    My cat did the same thing , but had less self-control... I walked in the door and he wrapped himself around my leg and didn't let go for days <3

  4. My cats always totally ignore me when I get home from a trip and then get mad because I don't give them as many treats as their kitty sitter does. Yeah. We're so replaceable.

    Hope you had a marvelous trip.

  5. ha!! What a cutie!! Nothing better than coming to a relaxed cat.

  6. Oh God that happens to me with Jessica all the time, in fact I just showed my hubby this photo because she is sitting in between us in this exact pose!

  7. What a sweetie! He did but he's trying to play it cool. And now we're the ones who miss you!

  8. My Henry makes a point of actively ignoring me for a day or so. I particularly like how he insists on sitting on the sofa arm right next to me, but, very pointedly, keeps his back turned to me.

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