Saturday, April 23, 2011

Peddle, scribble, crunch

From morning along the canal and Parc de la Villette…

… to mid-day near Les Invalides...

...from a surprise afternoon rain shower in Saint-Germain…

... to magical post-rain evening light…

... pretty much all I did today was Velib, write and eat.

Not a bad way to spend a day in Paris.


  1. Salute,
    I'm in Australia and about to hit the streets of Paris with some girlfriends soon - can't wait , you pics help it all come to life.!

  2. Not bad at all .. in fact, it should be required for all upon arrival.
    besitos, C

  3. Sounds (and looks) like a wonderful day. Amy, don't you think you should stay in Paris?

  4. Suzi, you are going to have a blast! If not a lover, being with your best girlfriends is the best company.

    Candice, c'est vrai. :)

    Tina, I just don't know... c'est pas si simple... but love never is.

  5. What kind of ship in first picture?