Saturday, April 23, 2011

Paris is alive

I landed in heaven. It’s sunny, in full bloom, and the air is electric. Heaven, sometimes otherwise known as a place called Paris.

The parks were flooded yesterday with Frenchies soaking up the sun. I would have loved to have joined them, but I had ground to cover.

First stop, lunch. Salut, Alain!

He read my NYT article and knows what a sucker I am for the Cornet Vegetarien. This time, I enjoyed it in the quiet Square Georges Cain.

I packed mon casque so I can Velib all week.

Which took me from the Marais through Bastille to the 11eme. The trees and flowers are especially vibrant in their spring debut.

Even the pigeons in Paris have more dignity.

By evening, the terraces and canal were jammed.

The day ended with dinner with friends and warm night air. Heaven.


  1. Sigh. I love Square Georges Cain, such a nice and quiet alternative to Place Des Vosges.

    These photos are glorious. Glad you're enjoying your time in heavenly Paris :)

  2. It was great seeing you yesterday, Amy! I wrote about our little outing. Conclusion: it's friends that make a place home. (And you'll always have Paris).

  3. Gawd it looks so much better than NYC today - rainy & overcast..
    Have fun@

  4. Every time I read one of these, I wonder why am I not there ?

  5. What a beautiful post about being back in your other "home"... xo!

  6. Dinner was lovely! Enjoy Paris, being back and all the great food. xo Erica