Monday, August 12, 2013

My Vegan Monday

It wasn't actually a Vegan Monday. But I did Vegan Sunday as an even exchange. And I'm doing VB6 all week. What do you think? Does it all even out? If I skip the pint of Ben & Jerry's on a Sunday so I can go to Gramercy Tavern for dinner on Monday, am I still being ecologically conscious? If I soften my guilt a little further by eating vegan every morning and afternoon this week, but allow myself cheese and fish or even duck or rabbit for dinner, am I still doing my part to contribute to a more sustainable food system? What are the fair and realistic parameters of eating a largely plant-based diet?


  1. When I met my husband , 100 years ago, he was a total vegetarian and had been for some time. I, the heathen who ate meat, was interested but not much. But as time went on, I gradually, with no prompting from him, started to eat the way he did .. I quit eating red meat 40 years ago .. there are days that we have no chicken or fish and I don't think anything of it anymore .. it is all good.
    I never ever feel guilty about what I eat .. there is enough angst in life without giving yourself new stuff like I feel bad because I ate cheese .. The more people there are in the world, regardless of what they eat, there will be less to eat .. this is not what I am even considering. I am just (selfishly) thinking of my own health and wellbeing . My son has not eaten any meat at all in 20 years.. since he saw a movie in school about the meat industry :)

    1. Funny, that's what happened with my husband! I was a vegan when we met, then a vegetarian, and now a mostly vegan pescetarian, and he gradually stopped eating meat without any prompting or nagging from me:)

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  3. Thanks for the scoop, Mirelle - sounds fun to me!

    Duchesse and Candice, as always, thank you for your gastro-empathy!