Sunday, August 11, 2013

Summer lovin'

If you ask me, summer can never be long enough. A week on the Cape, a couple weeks of working long hours, tunnel vision on apartment purchase and renovations and suddenly, the season is threatening to come to a close. Not so fast.

This weekend was a deliberate attempt to squeeze summer into every minute.

We got rained out of roof deck cocktails at The Met, but still saw the Photography and the Civil War exhibition and strolled through the achingly impressive corridors. (And got our cocktails at Bemelmans instead.)
We walked the car-free streets to Balthazar for a breakfast of omelettes and waffles. 

And then admired our fair city before hitting the Staten Island Yankees' stadium for minor league baseball, followed by a late-night dinner at Alimentari e Vineria.

Weekend highlights also included a High Line stroll...
And... a cupcake. A beautiful banana cupcake, topped with cinnamon honey frosting.
How are you squeezing the best out of summer?

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