Monday, August 19, 2013

Love, not food

Instead of listing out edible contents of a Vegan Monday, I wanted to share another kind of inspirational log.

A good friend of mine recently fell madly in love, a love different from anything he's ever experienced. He's over the moon.
Another friend, married to a beautiful woman with a beautiful child, had an "awakening" after his wife pointed out they were in a rut. Needless to say, he's fixed it.
Two dear friends recently shared that they're pregnant.
Another good friend here in the city was ready to walk away from a relationship for the greener pastures of independence but stuck it out and is happy for it.
One beautiful friend's heart was broken by his love of over 10 years. 
My cousin got married last month and the whole family is still riding their high of love and happiness.

What's my point? None really. Except that all of our relationships go in cycles. Sometimes you just become aware of how happy and lucky you are. To be surrounded by love. To feel love. To be in love. To recognize the complexities and challenges and even the sorrows of love. It can be crushing and frightening, but mostly wildly wonderful. It can be the best part of life, love.


  1. What a right insight. Everything goes in cycles and love too.

  2. Moi aussi ! Keeping out of ruts is a big chore sometimes but worth it.