Sunday, August 4, 2013

Back to summer in the city

I’m back! After ambling around places like this…

… my sights are like this.

After eating a few of these…

… I’m feasting like this.

After a week on Cape Cod, a weekend in Connecticut, a business trip to Minneapolis and a rainchecked trip to London, I am back in New York. New York!

In one Saturday, I managed to make the news (bad hair and all), walk about eight miles, open a New York Public Library membership...
...hit the farmer’s market...
... make a Greek salad, counter it with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, and wrap up season four of Sex and the City and start season five—the first episode of which is when Carrie is having a love affair with New York. 

There is one month of proper summer left in the city. I'm determined to hit Central Park with a picnic, see the Staten Island Yankees, go to an outdoor movie, ride out to Governor's Island, hike, bike and sip rosé on rooftops. 

What remains on your summer agenda??


  1. My summer agenda is now possible.
    I want to stop driving all over the place and just enjoy where I am now living. I want to get the garden perfect. I want to visit the horses at Equine Advocates and I am preparing the house for our first house guests, one of whom is 6 weeks old now.
    Enjoy your sweet last days of summer !

  2. I love this! And welcome back =) I too have just returned from our Basque road trip - sun kissed and relaxed - and hoping the laissez-faire mentality carries over into a work-drenched August. Ps. Wish we could see you on TV more often!

  3. A week on the cape- divine! My Summer Bucket List includes seeing the Nationals play (DC's baseball team), catching fireflies with my daughter, a backyard picnic and eating homemade popsicles. Plus there's a stack a books I'd like to read, preferably outside on a hammock.

  4. Candice, Lindsey and Joanna—here's to an August filled with houseguests, laissez-faire attitudes and plenty of reading time in the hammock! xo