Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sweets reduction

Last Wednesday, I ate two cookies. And a pound of Twizzlers. This was on the heels of a night of downing red wine, which washed down two slices of cake and copious amounts of gummies.

Needless to say, not sustainable. 

So while not a perfect record, it's with not a little pride that I say in this past week, all I've had on the sugar front is:

• A few bites of apple crumble
• Half a blueberry muffin
• Half a bran muffin
• Half a dish of pistachio ice cream
• 2 malt balls
• 3 swedish fish
• and 4 pieces of vegan cookie from the free sample tray at Life Thyme

Is it bad that I feel even a little proud??


  1. If only I could be like you. Such will power. Good for you.

  2. I'm impressed! I've been doing so well and today alone have consumed: 2 mini reese's cups (dark chocolate), 2 cream puffs, a baby macaron, a mini pecan pie-tarte (finger food!) and a tiny spoonful of cupcake icing. All for a party, but still!

    You should feel proud!

  3. Amy,
    I started your book today and just love it. So fun to read about another person who fell in love with Paris at first sight. I will of course give you a review on Amazon when I'm done. In the meantime, I hope all the chat about pastries in Paris isn't putting more kilos on my hips!