Monday, June 25, 2012

My Vegan Mondays

After the weekend (grilled pizza, homemade cherry ice cream, hazelnut cake, apple dumplings, a turkey reuben, cheeses galore, fresh figs, berries and watermelon, grilled chicken and squash, orzo salad, goat cheese fritata, four-layer strawberry cake, marcona almonds, rosé, rosé, rosé, a soft serve cone, macerated strawberries and... more), Vegan Monday was a smart start to the week.

Coffee with soy milk
Granola with almond milk

Cali sandwich: a pita with avocado, tomatoes, lettuce and carrots
Trail mix
A clementine

Veggie lentil soup
Three dried pineapple rings

(Already looking forward to my next weekend of ice cream and seafood in Connecticut...)


  1. lol, I bet you are looking forward to the weekends eats again ... it all sounded like something I vaguely remember from another lifetime :)
    We have been eating a lot of sandwiches of french bread with the best ripe avocados and tomatoes lately ! Actually, that was dinner not long ago :)
    I hope your week zooms by and you are back at the beach again :)

  2. Hi! I heard you on Joan Hamburg's show and so just purchased your book for my manager at Zinc in New Haven in preparation for his travels to France in September. You should visit us ..we have a wonderful ( Farmers) Market We are right on Chapel New Haven. Enjoy!