Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A million dollar question

Take a look. Do you know where this mural is?
How about this one?
One is in Paris. The other is in New York. Do you know the connection??


  1. Yes to the first mural based on the .jpg name ;) No idea on the second!

  2. Am I the only nerd who cares?!

    The esteemed French artist Paul Baudry is perhaps best known for his paintings in the foyer of the Opera Garnier. But he’s also responsible for the murals that decorate the historic Patisserie Stohrer (photo 1)

    Thanks to the reproduction hanging at Amy’s Bread inside Chelsea Market (photo 2), I get to take a little mental jaunt over to my favorite Parisian patisserie every week when I get Amy's for lunch.

    So maybe it wasn't a million-dollar question. But I love the connection all the same. :)

  3. Yikes how did I never notice this?
    Which Amy's Bread do you go to?
    I go to the Chelsea Market or Bleeker St one.
    Amy's adorable but who knew she had an homage to Stohrer onsite?
    I for one did not.

  4. Isn't it great, Carolg? It's at the Chelsea Market location.