Sunday, June 17, 2012

On any old Saturday in June

How lucky to live in New York City. To wake up and stroll through the Union Square Farmers Market.

To grab a Ceci-Cela almond croissant and eat it in on a bench in Washington Square Park.

To see your very own book in one of your favorite bookstores in the city (Three Lives!).

To have brunch at Locande Verde in Tribeca, walk across the Brooklyn Bridge with all the tourists under the bright summer sky, and then discover a whole new slice of Brooklyn.

To meet a dear friend of over 25 years for Wes Anderson’s latest movie, have a fresh fish dinner, and then train back over the Manhattan Bridge with its sparkling city views.

How lucky to have a life filled with such inspiration, security, happiness and fulfillment.


  1. Let me just say that the almond croissant and I have not been formerly introduced but I'm drooling all over my keyboard!!!

    Loving your book!

  2. What a beautiful post. I left NYC 12 years ago and while I am lucky enough to visit regularly, I still miss it almost daily! Enjoy your exciting city!

    Flora Doora

  3. You're so not missing anything over here. The weather is abysmal!


    La Mom Allison

  4. Sounds like a lovely day...I have an almond croissant life ban on had to flip through that pic :)
    Carla x

  5. I miss you my lovely friend, but I love seeing how happy you are in NYC. xx bisous xx from your other home. xx Mel

  6. Aw I love this Amy!! Love your joie de vivre -- I hope you continue to see beauty and inspiration in your day-to-day xoxo

  7. LOVED Moonrise Kingdom and was most surprised to do so..
    Wish I still loved New York..
    we're getting divorced I hope somewhere down the line..

  8. FYI: almond croissants are basically day-old unsold croissants that are flattened, covered in almonds + the filling.
    Learning that cured me permanantly of loving Almond Croissants :)