Monday, March 12, 2012

My Vegan Mondays

Oy. I've been so "bad" lately. French toast. Chocolate chip cookies. Bagels. Full fat lattes. Pizza. Cocktails and wine. Second helpings. Macarons. Champagne. Big Italian dinners. All kinds of cheese (but, my god, how delicious is housemade ricotta and burrato? And then there's drunken goat cheese...). More wine and cocktails. More macarons... I've been chalking it up to book parties and celebrations and being too polite—or sometimes, greedy—to say no. But I'm approaching my threshold. Gotta get back to a more balanced diet. Green juices and whole grains and entire days without sugar. Think I can do it?


Soy machiato
Melange of granola and Cheerios with soy milk

Steamed veg and roasted potatoes
Two squares of Dolfin chocolate
Chamomile tea

Glass of Malbec
Ackee dip and plaintain chips
The Bushman plate: spicy jerk seitan, stir-fried veggies and quinoa, all served with a side of fabulous, complete with lurking paparazzi, at Miss Lily's


  1. Oh you are permanently 'bad'!
    There's no question about it.
    It takes one to know one...ahem

  2. LOL at ParisBreakfasts response!
    I have taken to drinking countless cups of coffee, full of milk and sugar then eating something like an avocado and tomato sandwich for dinner.
    It is meatless but hardly that good for you.
    But I did give up ice cream :)

  3. boy,you were bad...but doesn't it feel good?