Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fame and small fortunes

Let’s be honest. As excited and proud as I am about Paris, My Sweet, I don’t expect to become rich and famous. The rewards of book publishing are relatively modest, and the John Grishams and J.K. Rowlings of the world are few and far between.

However, that’s not to say you don’t feel like a rock star from time to time. In the month since the book was published, there have been many sweet moments and rewards.

I love that I’m temporarily a “celebrity” in my friends’ eyes; that old classmates and colleagues have resurfaced; and all that cousin pride (whoop whoop!).

I’m honored that I’m being interviewed by a Columbia journalism student, and was invited by a freshman at my alumnae, Babson College, to come speak at the Women’s Leadership Program.

And while I haven’t received any gold necklaces, 4G iPads or SUVs like an all-star student athlete, I have been gifted with my fair share of cookies, macarons, champagne and flowers. It’s been beyond thoughtful and generous.

But the best part about it all has the fan mail. Even before the book, I’d get emails from young women who followed GILP and were inspired by the possibility of one day living in Paris or being a writer. There’s nothing better than receiving a message from a stranger, out of the blue, telling you that you’ve had an impact on their life. This past week, I received a note that actually made me cry. I won’t share all of it, just this bit that put a squeeze on my heart.

I wanted you to know your words matter and affect people. You are an inspiration to many whom you will never know but I needed to say Thank you in such a way that across the thousands of miles that separate us, you were able to ignite a spark in the darkness of my world that has set a fire of passion in my spirit and soul. I will forever be grateful Amy.

Thank you, Mona.

And thank you, everyone. I’m so grateful for this journey. For the two years in Paris, the friends who sustained me throughout it, and the connections and friendships I made through this blog. It’s all been possible, and made beautiful, because of YOU. Merci, mes amis.


  1. Wow! Enjoy this incredible journey ... it seems far more priceless than any other possible riches!

  2. All that you're getting out of publishing this book is worth far more than a huge check (though it wouldn't hurt, I'm sure). What a beautiful sentiment from Mona - and I agree with her completely. You're an inspiration to SO many, myself included!

  3. You have the perfect mindset, Amy. I'm so glad you're loving being an inspiration! I feel much the same way about playing the harp - it won't make me rich, I won't be touring the world, I won't be playing to sold-out crowds on major stages...but I do get notes from children who thank me for making the CD that helps them get to sleep at night, from brides who tell me that my music was important to their wedding day, from "fans" who love coming to hear me play because of the place my music puts them in.

    And you have inspired me similarly. So, you're doing important work Amy. Thank you.

  4. I just ordered your book this morning, I cannot wait to read it. Yes, you are living a dream I hope to follow one day...

  5. Congratulations for making it to print - not an easy task and even more difficult, is to survive the experience unscathed. (I speak from experience.)

    And congratulations for providing a book that inspires and moves people. Working with one's passion is one of the keys to happiness.
    Bonne semaine.

  6. What a lovely post. It's true Amy, I know you are a humble, shy and a very gracious person. You would never hog the spotlight or take full credit for any idea BUT. . . Amy, please know, you are an inspiration, a beauty and a light. Embrace it. Believe it.

    We love you much and are eternally grateful to have you in our lives. Connie & Nina

  7. She said much of what I think many people think when reading your blog. You do inspire and you do make it all seem possible.. muchas besos, C

  8. What a lovely, lovely note from Mona. Seriously, I would trade all the gold in the world** for kind words like that. To know that your words have buoyed up someone's spirit like that? Priceless.

    **Okay, maybe not ALL the gold in the world, hahahaha! But I guess what I am saying is that words like that trump any temporary satisfaction that comes with cash. Yanno?

    So cool, Amy. :)

  9. You guys are all right - sentiments like Mona's are priceless. This ride has been amazing so far. Thank you all for sharing it and being so supportive! xo