Sunday, March 25, 2012

Short but sweet

Merci, San Francisco.

I came.

I read.

I ate.

San Francisco was the perfect little respite in what’s been a very busy year so far.

I got to reconnect with great friends.

Take in landscapes that are both invigorating and inspiring.

And enjoy my favorite kind of food: California cuisine. And in just a few short days, I crammed a lot in my maw:
• Arizmendi
• Baker & Banker
• Bar Jules
• Harry’s
• Mission Beach (twice!)
• Universal Café
• Zuni


  1. Hah! I used to work at Universal. Catch the hungover brunch shift or take in a leisurely dinner?

  2. When I mentioned to SF friends that you went to Zuni, there was much enthusiastic replying :)
    There is nothing like that view~

  3. Always good to see you Amy. Love you much, Connie & Nina

  4. These tips are timely! I'll be headed to San Fran the first week of June. What neighborhood is the first shot from??

    So wish I could have been at your reading!

  5. I had a business dinner on Thursday night so missed getting to your reading - you certainly made fast work of the city and its fabulous eats!

  6. Ah CatharticAggression, lucky you! That place is divine. I feel like I need to go back a handful of more times to make good work of the menu! (I was there for brunch... toasted banana bread (sweet) and soft scramble (savory) - divine.)

    Andi, sorry I missed you! Our paths cross all the time, just never at the same time!

    Candice, Zuni is an eternal favorite. I understand the chorus of ohhing - it's awesome.

    Lindsey, you are definitely lucky! You will love it and eat soooo well! The first shot is of the "painted ladies" up at Alamo Square. Down the hill: divine eating and shopping in Hayes Valley.

    Connie, *always* so good to see you guys. Love you.

  7. Looks like you are having the time of your life. Good for you. And how were those macarons? J'adore cassis!

  8. Just finding your blog! Lovely and so fun to read. I'm glad you were able to enjoy the Bay Area and SF!


  9. Next to Paris, SF is my most favorite city in the world. Thanks for sharing your trip.