Monday, March 19, 2012

My Vegan Mondays

Green juice (kale, celery, cucumber, banana and lemon juice)
Coffee with soy milk

Farro salad with dandelion greens
Mixed nuts
Granola bar

Oat bar
More green juice

(If I ate like this instead of this more often, I might feel less of a need to repent. Then again, I'd feel a lot less joy in everyday life.)


  1. Sadly, Paris on Mondays--like every other day of the week here--are kale-free. What I wouldn't do for a green drink made with an entire bunch of lacinato kale! French farmers don't even know what it is; the folks at my local CSA, natural-foods store, and outdoor markets all looked baffled when I first asked them if they sold it or had seen it anywhere. This year, I'm joining a community garden and growing my own. (Seeds imported from San Francisco!)

    A votre sante; enjoy your drink!

  2. Hey ! I am actually eating vegan lately without trying !
    I have no appetite and it is still stinkin' hot so I am eating tomato sandwiches and avocado and tomato salads.
    And drinking gallons of Vitamin Water ... not even chocolate.
    where is my medal ? :)
    besitos !
    How is Milo ?