Saturday, November 5, 2011

Snapshots around New York

I’ve been working so much lately that I feel time and life are just whizzing by and I’m doing nothing interesting. But then when I think back on the past few weeks, I realize there are so many great things and moments that would only happen in New York.

Like the “psycho opera” Stop the Virgens at Saint Ann’s Warehouse. Add Karen O to my Chrissie Hynde and Debbie Harry rocker-chick girl crushes. She's just amazing and her voice makes my stomach flutter. And waiting to go in, we checked out this awesome structural sculpture with pulsating LED lights and electronic music.

And the perfect finale to the evening, we had a most fabulous dinner at Jack the Horse Tavern. Heaven.

(Speaking of sculptures, isn’t there something amazingly noble and artistic about this can collection?)

Then there was the freak snowstorm last Saturday. While the big, wet flakes downtown didn’t really accumulate, by the time I went uptown in the evening, there were piles of snow and puddles of slush. Still, there's something sort of fun in the chaos and messiness of storms in New York.

(Keihls! I’ll only have to be reminded of Christmas for the next 50 days!)

Whether it’s full or just a wee sliver, it’s always so romantic to look up at the NYC skyline and see the moon. Especially when there's some iconic building below it...

Paris, je t’aime. New York, I adore you, too.

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  1. Hi Amy - I'm moving to NYC at the end of the month for a new job! I'm wondering if you happen to know of anyone looking to sublet a furnished room for a few months. Just thought I'd check :) el