Friday, November 25, 2011

I'm just saying...

Christmas is fast approaching.

Santa, you can take your cues from the street of NYC and deliver a Vuitton-canvased Vespa, straight from the streets of Paris!

Pourquoi pas?


  1. This is a fantastic photo, great find! Wouldn't you just love to see QUI is the owner of this ride? :-)

  2. A hustle of a ride. Wonder who owns this fancy thing... (; x

  3. Aren't Vespas the best!!?!! I can't decide between red and aqua for mine. (In my next life, when I'm living in Rome I guess.)

  4. wow, is the entire vespa Vuitton or only the saddle? I'd even be happy with only the saddle. I would bring it to me everywhere, dans le métro, au jardin, au travail...:)